Silicon Slopes Case Study – Event Registration At It’s Finest


Making a smooth attendee registration and check-in experience.


Even with triple the attendees of the previous event, the Utah-based business and technology summit was able to provide a smooth registration and check-in experience for each attendee.


attendees registered in advance


attendees checked in per minute


leads delivered to sponsors

Hear from Silicon Slopes


Utah’s technology showcase

Silicon Slopes is 501c3 non-profit with the mission to empower Utah’s tech community to learn, connect, and serve.

Silicon Slopes hosts Utah’s largest technology event, the Silicon Slopes Tech Summit, to not only empower Utah’s community but also to showcase Utah as a destination for tech-based careers and investment opportunities for the rest of the nation.


Preparing for growth

In 2018, Silicon Slopes beat their attendance record from the previous year with ten days left before the event began. Over those ten days, their registrations doubled, then tripled. Although they had triple the expected attendees, the Silicon Slopes team was ready to give each attendee a smooth and organized check-in experience.


Simple registration logistics

For the summit, Silicon Slopes primarily needed three things:

        • An online registration tool that would allow a simple registration process for each attendee, but still collect valuable attendee information.


        • A fast process to check-in and print a customized name badge for each of their thousands of attendees as they arrived at the event.


        • An easy way for their exhibiting sponsor brands to collect demographic and contact information for specific attendees.


“One of the things we needed, which is why we used SpinGo and were very excited about it, was speed. Speed to get everybody registered, so we could get everyone in the conference, and in the general session. We had some very big names that presented first thing each morning, and obviously, you don’t want to start a general session until the room is filled. We could not afford to have a slow dragging registration and long registration lines.”

-Stuart Gold, Executive Producer


Technology that makes sense

Online Registration

With SpinGo, the online registration process was customized to capture particular attendee information, including not only contact and demographic information, but also which breakout session(s) were of most interest.

Onsite Checkin

SpinGo provided nine printers and 10,000 name badges that were preprinted with the event’s branding. On-site, each attendee was checked in with SpinGo’s app, which then prompted a customized name badge to print within seconds.

Attendee Data Retrieval for Sponsors

Each attendee’s name badge included a unique QR code associated with their specific information. The exhibiting sponsor brands were able to scan the QR codes of attendees that visited their booth and retrieve the correlating data from SpinGo’s platform. This tool provided sponsors valuable information on potential recruits, clients, etc.

“The analytics were excellent, and we really used the reports – I’d go on there 20 times a day to watch the data and see things move around.

The SpinGo team is amazing. They never said no. Instead, they said ‘we’ll figure it out, let’s work together, let’s do it.’ Every registration is different, every event is different, and I knew that if I worked with the SpinGo team, I’d get what we needed to achieve our goals.”

-Stuart Gold, Executive Producer



of attendees registered in advance

This gave Silicon Slopes 1) early revenue to expand budget options and 2) valuable data to plan attendee volume and room capacity for breakout sessions.


attendees per minute checked in with a personalized name badge

5,300 people checked in by lunch meant happy speakers, busy sponsors, and networking attendees.


leads returned to 60+ sponsors

This gave the Silicon Slopes team a strong, measurable sponsorship value to more easily secure sponsorships for following events.

To push 10k registrations through and have no hiccups is something I’ve never seen with an event registration, so thank you!

Stuart Gold

Executive Producer, Silicon Slopes Tech Summit

Here’s the thing – we could not do what we did and had the success that we had in just the second year were it not for SpinGo. The team was amazing, and without them, the event wouldn’t have been a success. It’s that simple.

Clint Betts

Executive Director, Silicon Slopes


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