Innovative Bikes Meet Innovative Registration

The mission of the North American Handmade Bicycle Show (NAHBS) is a simple one: Showcase the talents and share ideas among the best builders of handmade bicycle frames in the world.

Since its debut in 2005, NAHBS has become established as the world’s number one handmade bicycle show. Many of these bespoke bicycles are wonderful creations, others can leave you scratching your head. Sometimes they are both weird and wonderful at the same time.

Case in point: this year at NAHBS there was a swoopy titanium city bike with 36 inch wheels, a fat bike inspired by a watermelon, and a carbon gravel bike painted to look like a circuit board.

In addition to many US frame builders, exhibitors from countries including Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, and the Netherlands have helped the show become an international display of bicycle craftsmanship.

This niche event needed a platform that could work with their exhibitors and attendees. That’s when they decided to reach out to SpinGo and inquire about Event Master’s innovative all-in-one platform.

With Event Master, NAHBS created custom exhibitor applications and screened applicants. Once an applicant was approved, NAHBS collected payment for customized booth options, map them on the exhibit floor, and collect compliance details.

In addition to getting help with their exhibitors, NAHBS also used the volunteer feature in Event Master to communicate with volunteers and schedule shifts without any confusion.

With exhibitors and volunteers ready to go to their event, NAHBS only had one thing left to handle, their attendees. Using Event Master, NAHBS checked-in and credentialed attendees onsite within seconds.

With SpinGo’s Event Master, the NAHBS team was able to move a record-breaking number of attendees through the event quickly. The platform was able to simplify how NAHBS onboarded exhibitors and provided customized credentials for each exhibitor’s booth staff.

With Event Master, NAHBS achieved the following:

  • 4,000+ attendees checked-in
  • 152 exhibitors credentialed
  • 90 volunteers onboarded


To view the full case study, click here.

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