SpinGo’s 2016 New Year’s Resolutions

2015 has come and gone in the blink of an eye. With the new year approaching fast and Auld Lang Syne moving to the top of our playlist, we are happy to look back at the progress SpinGo made during 2015. This past year was full of hard work, innovation, and improvement at SpinGo, but looking back at 2015 only gets us more excited for what is to come in 2016.

We’ve asked some of our team members what they are excited about happening at SpinGo in 2016. Here are some of the new year’s resolutions for us have at SpinGo for 2016:

Kreg Peeler, CEO:

“In 2016, SpinGo will build upon its reputation as the event expert and find new ways to share that expertise with our publishers, brands, event makers, and event goers.”

Jessie Warner, General Manager:

“My resolution is to improve the Edit Request Process. We’ve received customer feedback that the process to edit an event is not as efficient as it could be.  My resolution in 2016 is to give more control to the event submitters by allowing them to review and edit their own events. I believe this will provide a greater user experience and a faster turn-around on edit requests and approvals.”

Mary Thomas, VP of Administration:

“My SpinGo New Year’s resolution for 2016 is to sign more content partnerships with the largest ticket providers in the nation, resulting in the very best and most comprehensive event content.”

Chad Taylor, Director of Partner Success:

“My New Year’s resolution is to work with our partners to identify event management headaches. In doing so, I hope to identify potential areas where we can improve our platform offering for our partner network.”

Cassandra Darley, Project Manager:

“At SpinGo, we’ve spent the last three years working at the center of the local media industry as a part-product, part-content, part-advertising company. For 2016, I’m excited to apply our learnings of how ‘content’ and ‘advertising’ are increasingly and inevitably synonymous with some new product releases!”

Nick Dibble, Director of Sales:

“My goal for 2016 revolves around increasing our brand recognition. As our network of partners grows, so do the number of repeat event creators, or  “serial submitters” as we call them.  As it is with any marketing, the more times you’re seen, the better chance of success. My New Year’s resolution is to create a win, win, win scenario for all parties involved in contractual promotions. It’s a win for SpinGo to create consistent promoters for our platform, a win for our partners because of continual revenue share, submissions, and the best events, and a win for our customers by creating brand recognition through consistent ad display.”

Matt Polichette, Director of Engineering:

“As we start into 2016, my resolution is to give our users more control of the events they care about and to make them feel like they own a part of SpinGo.”

What is an Event Maker?

The term “Event Maker” probably isn’t one that you use too often in your daily vocab, but here at SpinGo we use it daily. That’s because Event Maker is a term coined by SpinGo CEO, Kreg Peeler.

An event maker is anybody who works on making an event come to fruition from planners, PR specialists, marketers, and promoters to decorators, caterers, sponsorship finders, and anything in between.

I would like to parallel the term event maker with the term filmmaker. What exactly is a filmmaker and what is her role? Is the filmmaker the producer, director, editor, or the sound guy? Is the filmmaker the cinematographer, writer, or lighting specialist? The answer to all of these is yes, they are all filmmakers. Without each of them, the film would be incomplete. In the same vein, an event maker is anybody who works on making an event come to fruition from planners, PR specialists, marketers, and promoters to decorators, caterers, sponsorship finders, and anything in between.

Although your specific job description probably does not say “event maker”, working on events is still an aspect of your job. Maybe your company or organization only has one event a year and you make flyers for it; you are an event maker. If all the pieces don’t come together, just like for a movie, your event will fall short of what it could have been. So give yourself some credit, and add event maker to your list of accolades!

Here are some examples of tasks that make you an event maker:

  1. You plan events all day every day (okay, this one was too obvious).
  2. You work on a marketing team and your company hosts a conference, summit, workshop, or any other kind of event.
  3. You work for a nonprofit and have to help put together yearly fundraisers.
  4. You find caterers, or are a caterer for an event.
  5. You design, create, and share advertisements for an event.
  6. You use Google, Facebook, and local newspapers to advertise an event.
  7. You line up speakers and activities for an event.
  8. You find venues to host your event.
  9. You compile a list of people you want to have at your event.
  10. You work on social media, sharing pictures and videos about your events.

SpinGo Supports Kids On The Move

For the past nine years, every year, Kids On The Move, or KOTM, holds what is known as the Corporate Sports Challenge. Recently, SpinGo participated for a second time in this event.

Kids On The Move, or KOTM, provides services throughout Utah County assisting children with special needs and providing aid for families in need.  Their mission is to support the development of young children through three main programs: Early Intervention, Early Head Start, and Autism Bridges.

The Corporate Sports Challenge aims to bring successful, community-minded companies together to support the mission and convictions of KOTM.  Every company participant donates time, money, and energy to ensure children receive the help they need to have a better chance at a successful life.  Adobe, Instructure, SpinGo, and other successful companies compete in diverse games, such as Laser Tag, Dodgeball, Rock Climbing, and Tug of War. All of this is done to see who will be crowned the champion of the day. In the end, the children are the true winners.

Last year, we learned hard lessons on what happens when you play games for the better part of 8 hours, under the sun, and forget to apply sunscreen and drink plenty of water.  This year, SpinGo came prepared – we were well hydrated, came in with base tans, and brought our game faces.

SpinGo CEO, Kreg Peeler, has been involved with KOTM for the better part of 10 years.  SpinGo cares about the community. We want people to be active, get out and do something, and in turn, enrich the lives of others.  We’re thrilled to support KOTM, and we’re very proud to be a part of their mission.